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The Top 25 Teen Idols of All Time tvs 25 greatest teen idols

Jan 19, 2005 · I heard about Johnny Depp being a teen idol when he was on 21 Jump Street. Luckily, he's past that now. I remember when Will Smith was a teen idol during his Fresh Prince days but when was Richard Chamberlain an idol? When he was Dr Kildare? What about the boys on The Brady Bunch? Or the TV series Fame? What about Michael Landon when he was.

Jan 26, 2005 · At the height of his fame, David Cassidy — who tops TV Guide 's 25 Greatest Teen Idols list — was the world's highest-paid entertainer, with a bigger fan club than Elvis or the Beatles. "My Author: Diane Clehane.

Aug 12, 2013 · Long story short, quite by accident I was perusing TV Guide’s list of the 25 Greatest Teen Idols when Cabrera’s name leapt into my head. Largely because of his close affiliation with Standard his appearances in KC at the Beaumont Club and Uptown.