How to sex tilapia - how to sex tilapia


how to sex tilapia

How to sex tilapia. Determining the gender of a tilapia is one of those topics that leaves most people scratching their heads and wondering what they've missed. If I had to guess, I'd attribute the confusion to all of the inaccurate videos left to "rot" for eternity on YouTube, and all the lazy cut-and-paste web "authors" who grab incorrect.

You can determine the sex of tilapia by looking at differences in the genital papilla. Another technique involve observing the nesting behavior in male tilapia as a means to determine male from female.

Why would you sex your fish? Fish are obviously a key component in your aquaponics system and maintaining healthy fish populations means a healthier, more resilient system. There are several reasons for sexing tilapia. From selecting for breeding to reducing aggression, there are some great reasons to figure out the sex of your fish.