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how to paint strip on wall

Jan 15, 2011 · To remove paint from drywalls, start by cleaning the wall with soap and hot water to remove any dirt or markings from the paint. Then, use a sanding block or sander to rub away the unwanted pain. If you want to strip the paint off completely, as opposed to painting over it, you can use a paint scraper to peel off any remaining paint.68%(25).

Place the first strip of tape or mark in that obscure corner where you began measuring. Step 4: Using a tape measure, plot/mark the wall with lines corresponding to the width of the stripes you wish to paint, this will keep you from having to measure each stripe as you tape the wall.

Paint the entire wall with the Firefly paint color (light yellow) and let dry. 2. Measure the height of the wall and divide it by how many stripes you want. In our case, we wanted five stripes on the 92-1/2-inch wall. 92-1/2" divided by 5 equals 18-1/2" wide stripes. 3. Decide which color, light or Author: HGTV.