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Aug 15, 2005 · Cecropia Moth Caterpillar Pittsboro, NC. This caterpillar is the larva of the Cecropia moth, also known as the Robin moth. It is one of our largest caterpillars. It feeds on many trees and shrubs including wild cherry, plum, elderberry, maple, willow, boxelder, apple, birch, lilac, walnut, pecan, elm, beech and poplar.

Cecropia Moth Larva. This caterpillar is the larvae of the Cecropia moth, also known as the Robin moth. In the early stages, larvae are black and covered with short bristles. When mature, caterpillars are about four inches long and nearly ¾-inch in diameter.

Beware the Hair! by Blake Layton, Ph The cecropia moth (Hyalophora cecropia) is another large caterpillar with wicked-looking, but harmless, spines. Mature hickory horned devil caterpillar's spines may look formidable, but they are harmless. (5 inches) The spines on this cecropia caterpillar.