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Equip your boat for amateur radio. I t’s hardly surprising that many boaters are hams and many hams are boaters—both activities attract those interested in expanding their skills and overcoming challenges. Starting gradually: the handheld station. Equipping a boat for .

How To Install A VHF Radio. By Lenny Rudow. Here's how to plan it, assemble the tools and materials, and do it! Illustration: ©2015 Mirto Art Studios. Few items on your boat are as important as your VHF radio, which is your most reliable link to the outside world. But poor installation can compromise the performance of this vital tool.

Installing A TV Antenna. By Lenny Rudow. Boats don't have cable, and onboard satellite TV is incredibly expensive, but any savvy DIY boater can add a TV and an antenna for free terrestrial channels. Photo: Mark Corke Unless you're tied to the dock, a TV that operates on 12 volts may be a good idea.