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Symptoms and Signs of Adult ADHD 1. Lack of focus. 2. Hyperfocus. 3. Disorganization. 4. Time management problems. 5. Forgetfulness. 6. Impulsivity. 7. Emotional problems. 8. Poor self-image. 9. Lack of motivation. 10. Restlessness and anxiety. 11. Fatigue. 12. Health problems. 13.

Mar 31, 2016 · ADHD and Negative Thinking. More recently, a chart review study of 44 adults assessed the correlation of ADHD with measures of self-reported distorted thoughts, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness 4. A significant, positive correlation between distorted thoughts and a measure of ADHD was obtained; there was no correlation between ADHD.

Examples of ADHD impact across the lifespan6-8. ADHD can negatively affect: Education – children and adolescents with ADHD may perform less well than controls in school-related assessments9-13. Employment – adult ADHD has been associated with difficulties with workplace productivity and maintaining employment13-18.