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Examples *Warning, content contains graphic images* - Refuse Animal Abuse embed html adult content warning

Dec 12, 2017 · An Introduction to Content Warnings and Trigger Warnings in the Classroom. What are they? Content warnings are verbal or written notices that precede potentially sensitive content. These notices flag the contents of the material that follows, so readers, listeners, or viewers can prepare themselves to adequately engage or, if necessary, disengage for their own wellbeing.

Aug 14, 2009 · I am making a personal webpage that will have some potential for bad language and maybe nudity. I don’t want non-adults in my website. How do I make a page that comes up first asking all users if they are adults and giving two options to enter or leave? I am new and my website is just for friends and others that I may meet online.Status: Open.

Examples *Warning, content contains graphic images* Examples Of Animal Abuse. This is an example of severe mange. Mange refers to a number of various skin diseases caused by mites. It affects animals and is characterized by loss of hair and scabby cuts.