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May 07, 2019 · Adult ADHD support usually comes in the form of an organization that seeks to connect people with the disorder to one another. Adults with ADHD often underperform at work, show up late to events, and daydream during lectures or staff meetings. Normal co-workers may treat them differently, making them feel like outcasts.

Start Your Own Support Group. At ADDA, we believe in the power of community. If you’d prefer a face-to-face support group with people who live near you, we have information to help you start or maintain an adult ADHD support group. Begin by taking a look at the ADDA Support Group Manual. It contains a wealth of information for anyone thinking.

The Adult ADHD Support community is a place to discuss the impact of ADHD on both you or someone you care about. Talking about the challenges you face as an adult with ADHD can be hard, but sometimes, there’s nothing more helpful than talking with others who are in the same boat.